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Being a leading academic health system, Research @ NUHS strives to define medicine through innovative scientific research and rapid translation of breakthrough discoveries in Singapore’s biomedical sciences initiatives. A main focus for us is the development of Translational and Clinical Research capabilities. We leverage our interdisciplinary network of clinical, basic science, and public health expertise to facilitate efficient translation of therapies and technologies from bench to bedside.

Our clinicians and researchers from our Schools of Medicine, Dentistry and Public Health work together to discover solutions to prevent and treat diseases, with an emphasis on diseases prevalent in Asia. Access to a large patient population at hospitals and polyclinics within NUHS, combined with a wide range of research specialties and cutting-edge facilities, make NUHS an attractive place to conduct research that has direct impact on patients and the community.

Some of our key research initiatives and resources include:

Advancing medical and health innovations

The aim is to achieve significant improvements in disease understanding, clinical practice and innovations that will improve health outcomes and lead to societal and economic benefits for Singapore, and beyond. The programmes help nurture early-career scientists to produce the next generation of biomedical researchers. The SRPs are designed to train, test and stretch the capabilities of young, budding clinician-scientists working under the supervision of experts in their respective fields. The current research focuses on Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases, GUSTO (growth cohort study), Metabolic Diseases, Synthetic Biology and Tuberculosis.




Nurturing innovators and innovations for healthcare

The programme gives innovators in the healthcare system opportunities to 'think outside the box'. The SPIN programme will encompass the best clinician-innovators who aim to produce adoptable solutions that will make an impact to the delivery of healthcare. The programme also helps to create tremendous learning opportunities for aspiring innovators to be mentored by experienced and established innovators. 

  • Nationwide healthcare initiatives

Making a healthier difference to the way we live

From getting a better head start in life to healthy ageing, or finding better ways to treat some of Singapore’s most serious diseases, NUHS is committed to shaping the future of medicine. NUHS is a key partner in a number of signature research studies that seek to find new solutions to the nation’s most pressing healthcare concerns. Some of these key research studies include:



Developing oral health R&D

Research in this area seeks to improve oral and craniofacial health and care. The current focus is centred on three research platforms: Bioengineering, Public Health, and Stem Cell research. Our oral health research in Bioengineering includes bio-imaging, biomaterials, tissue engineering, biomechanics, and bio-photonics. In relation to public health, our work involves epidemiology and oral disease risk assessment and prevention. Stem cell research in oral health includes developmental biology, immunology, regenerative medicine, therapies and disease studies.



Building healthier communities

To continually foster healthier communities in Singapore and the region, NUHS carries out translational cross-disciplinary research work by leveraging cohort studies and lifecourse epidemiology, infectious disease research, health technology assessments, health promotion, workplace health and safety, health systems evaluation and health services research, to impact public health programmes and policies.




For Clinicians and Researchers, visit Research @ NUHS for more information on funding opportunities and research resources.