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Giving to our Patients

Giving our Patients the Gift of Hope

Despite the various government subsidies and public assistance schemes available, patients in need of financial aid still find it challenging to cope with the cost of medical treatments and rehabilitation process.


Here at NUHS Fund Limited, our key priority is to address unmet gaps not covered by existing government and community assistance schemes and to assist patients who are determined to be in need of financial assistance with the costs of medical treatments, including the costs of the recovery process.


Over the past 12 months, due to the generosity of our donors, over 750 patients have received financial assistance from NUHS Fund Limited – financial support they were unable to get from government or public assistance schemes.  Our Donor Report that gives an overview of how these patients are assisted through NUHS Fund Limited. Behind the numbers in the donor report is the story of an individual who was not able to afford the costs of treatment for their medical condition; whether for medication to control their chronic disease or a lifesaving procedure to give them a second life. We hope the transparency of our reporting will encourage donors to contribute to a very worthwhile cause.

Your gifts will make a difference in the lives of our financially disadvantaged patients and their families, offering them comfort, hope and a better tomorrow!


There are a number of ways you can make your gift, whether you would like to make an outright, one-time gift or a monthly recurring gift:


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> To set up a GIRO payment service (all banks) or bank standing instruction (for DBS / POSB account holders only) to make your recurring gift OR to arrange an outright, one-time gift

>> Please kindly refer to this guide on how to set up a standing instruction to your bank 
>> If you are making a recurring gift, you can contact us to stop your gift at any time.