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Dr Lew Yii Jen


Chief Executive Officer

National University Polyclinics


Dr Lew Yii Jen is Chief Executive Officer of the National University Polyclinics. A practicing family physician, Dr Lew obtained his Masters of Medicine, Family Medicine from the National University of Singapore and is a Fellow of the College of Family Physicians, Singapore, FCFP(S).


Dr Lew previously served as the Senior Director of Clinical Services at National Healthcare Group Polyclinics (NHGP) where he oversaw the clinical quality and patient safety matters of the nine polyclinics. He coordinated with the nurses, Care Managers, Allied Health Professionals and the operations staff in the team based comprehensive care of chronic patients, as well as communicated with the regional hospitals in the integration of care of patients across different institutions. Dr Lew was also responsible for the overall coordination of the emergency preparedness of the polyclinics under NHGP in the areas of civil and national emergencies including pandemic situations.


He has served as a member of the Ministry of Health (MOH) Expert Committee on Immunisation, the MOH Inter-Agency Committee on Mental Health Integration, and the Agency of Integrated Care GP Advisory Panel.


Dr Lew is active in important medical covers for international events, the most recent being the setting up of medical centres for the SEA Games and Para Games in 2015. He is currently involved in the MOH Chronic Disease Management Programme Clinical Advisory Committee which advises on the latest medical condition to be CDMP Medisave claimable.