Department of Quality Improvement and Patient Experience
National University Hospital



As Director of Quality Improvement and Patient Experience at the National University Hospital (NUH), Ms Heidi Rafman is a keen advocate of improvement to benefit patients and staff.

Ms Rafman’s 12 years of service in public healthcare administration includes extensive experience in lean management and quality improvement methodologies. Her areas of expertise include patient experience, organisational change management, operations research, systems thinking and productivity. She is also certified by Cardiff University, UK, to a Gold level in lean management competency.

Recognised locally and internationally as an expert in Quality Improvement, Ms Rafman has facilitated numerous award-winning improvement projects and published in international journals. She developed the NUHS Way Quality Improvement Programme and the NUH Patient Experience Framework, providing a holistic view of what matters to patients and effectively guiding quality improvement efforts within the organisation. Ms Rafman also launched the first hospital-wide electronic patient experience survey and the first patient acuity-based nursing staffing system in Singapore. In 2013, she was tasked to spearhead productivity improvement at the NUH and has secured more than $1.45 million external productivity funding to date.

Ms Rafman inspires others with her resilience and enthusiasm for improvement. She promotes a culture of employee-led improvement, empowering staff to actively improve their own processes and patient care. Through monthly Rapid Improvement Events, ‘War Charts’, and other programmes, she keeps the spirit of continuous improvement burning constantly. She also takes time to engage all stakeholders, from the top to the frontline, encouraging them to drive change and sustain best practices. She readily assists staff to overcome any challenges they face, looking out for every opportunity to showcase their good work within and beyond the NUH.

With her systematic approach and dedication, Ms Heidi Rafman is undoubtedly a Young Achiever who has significantly enhanced both staff morale and patient care.