Chief Dietitian and
Senior Assistant Director

Department of Dietetics
National University Hospital



Dr Lim Su Lin, Chief Dietitian, has been making her impact in the field of dietetics both within the National University Hospital (NUH) for the last 18 years, and internationally.

Over the past five years, Dr Lim has collaborated with partners within the NUH as well as external agencies to realise her vision of improving malnutrition for at-risk patients. She has systematically developed and validated a novel nutrition screening tool called the “3-Minute Nutrition Screening”  and a nutrition intervention tool called the “Expedited 10g Protein Counter” – which were both published in international peer-reviewed journals. These tools were subsequently successfully implemented at NUH, other public hospitals and several nursing homes. The 3-Minute test enables nurses to systematically screen hospitalised patients on admission in a simple, quick, reliable and cost-effective way, leading to timely interventions and improved outcomes for patients.

Dr Lim also spearheaded a novel project funded by the Healthcare Quality Improvement Fund for dietitians to follow up with malnourished patients after they are discharged from the hospital through home visits and tele-consultations. The results for the randomised-controlled trial showed significant improvement in the nutritional status and quality of life of these patients, with mortality rate halved in the intervention group  compared to the control group.

Dr Lim has been active in initiating, driving and implementing quality improvement initiatives to improve nutritional outcomes at the NUH.  She has won several awards for her quality improvement work both at the hospital and national level.  In 2014, Dr Lim became the first in the world to publish a paper on a quality improvement initiative on nutrition screening in the Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety.

In recognition of Dr Lim’s excellent research track record, she was appointed to oversee allied health research in Clinical Support Services in 2012. Over the past two years, she has established a network of allied health researchers, and organised numerous research-related lectures and talks. She has also been engaging stakeholders within the NUH and National University Health System to raise the profile of allied health research as well as source for funding and resources to support impactful allied health research.

Dr Lim has been conferred many hospital and national awards for her significant contributions in research and quality improvement, including the following:

  • Singapore Allied Health Award for best oral presentation at the Singapore Health and Biomedical Congress, from 2009 to 2013
  • Numerous NUHS Way Outstanding Awards for impactful quality improvement initiatives
  • NUHS Model Allied Health Professional Award (for Research) in 2011
  • National Healthcare Quality Improvement Commendation Award in 2011
  • Singapore Public Service Excellence - Best Ideator Gold Award in 2011
  • Singapore National Day Efficiency Medal in 2007

In 2014, Su Lin also successfully completed her doctorate at the Queensland University of Technology under NUH’s sponsorship .

For her exceptional achievements and contributions in clinical work, research and quality improvement initiatives to improve nutritional oucomes, Dr Lim Su Lin is awarded the Excellence Award.