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Associate Professor
Department of Microbiology
Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
National University of Singapore

Associate Professor Veronique Angeli is a young and promising researcher in the Department of Microbiology of the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (NUS Medicine). Her work on lymphatic vessel biology and atherosclerosis has significantly boosted the global reputation of NUS Medicine in the areas of immunology, vascular biology and clinical research. Assoc Prof Angeli is one of the few scientists to successfully bridge the gap with our clinicians, collaborating with many of them on numerous programmes.

She is now internationally recognised as an expert in lymphatic vessels. Her work has resulted in a number of publications in top-tier journals, and she is part of a successful National Research Foundation Singapore - Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (NRF-CREATE) application led by Professor Ehud Razin from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Associate Professor Paul MacAry who is also the Programme Leader of the Immunology Programme at the Life Sciences Institute, NUS. She is actively working with clinicians on improving management of lymphedema related to cancer, a major and debilitating complication of cancer therapy.

Assoc Prof Angeli’s leadership credentials are evident from the international symposiums that she has organised: the 3rd and 5th International Singapore Symposia of Immunology and the 1st Hebrew University of Jerusalem - NUS Scientific Symposium of Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms, held in Singapore in 2011. She has been invited to several international conferences to present her research work and she has had 21 publications with some in top journals including Cell Metabolism, the Journal of Experimental Medicine and Blood. She has also developed a strong network with clinicians and basic scientists from national and international hospitals and institutions. Eight of her doctoral students have graduated under her supervision.

Associate Professor Veronique Angeli is an outstanding young scientist who is deserving of the Young Achiever Award.