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Professor Ho Khek Yu Lawrence

Chair, University Medicine Cluster

Head & Senior Consultant, Department of Gastroenterology & Hepatology


"To treat is to change the life of someone at present. To innovate is to improve the lives of many in future."


Professor Ho Khek Yu Lawrence is an exceptional clinician in the area of Gastroenterology and Hepatology and what defines him is his ardent pursuit of innovation in medicine. This was evident in his unwavering support for and participation in research and clinical trials.


As co-Principal Investigator for the ground-breaking technology of the Master and Slave Transluminal Endoscopic Robert (MASTER), Professor Ho was part of the team who developed the world's first flexible robotic endoscopy system. This groundbreaking technology has paved the way for scarless operations and reduced the usual surgery time of 8 hours to 17 minutes! Apart from significant cost and health benefits, this innovation has also opened up new possibilities for surgery involving other intricate organs.


Apart from the development of MASTER, the Barrett's Esophagus study is another example of Professor Ho's active involvement in cross-disciplinary collaborations between scientists and clinicians beyond Singapore. The study discovered possible and promising preventions to esophageal cancer and if successful, this new discovery will help eradicate one major risk factor in esophageal cancer.


In pursuit of bringing together regional experts with collaborative research in Barrett's oesophagus and endoscopic ultrasound, Professor Ho assumes the leadership as current Chair of the NIH-sponsored Asian Barett's Consortium and the ASEAN EUS Forum respectively. Extending his reach globally, Professor Ho was also conferred the Honorary International Life Membership of the Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy of India to recognize his extensive contributions to endoscopic training in India.


The clinical trialist is also a mentor and teacher to many and it is perhaps his own words that best sums up the value of what he does: "To treat is to change the life of someone at present; to innovate is to improve the lives of many in future."