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Clinical Support Services
National University Hospital

As Director of Clinical Support Services (CSS), Mr Dennie Hsu has the innate ability to manage a wide spread and depth of responsibilities, reflecting tremendous capacity for organisation.

The CSS departments’ numerous accolades speak volumes of Mr Hsu’s fine leadership. In 2006, he collaborated with a multidisciplinary team to implement a novel closed loop critical laboratory results management system which was cited by Medscape Pathology as one of the Top 10 Game Changers in Pathology in 2011.  In Oct 2009, he co-led the successful implementation of the Inpatient Pharmacy Automation System (IPAS) Project, which won the 2010 National Infocomm Award as well as the PS21 ExCEL Gold Award 2011.

Mr Hsu is also a well-known allied health domain expert amongst government and healthcare agencies. He promulgated the development of a Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) framework for allied health support staff. As an advisor to the NHG/NUHS/JGH Pharmacy Blueprint Workgroup, Mr Hsu also provided effective guidance and ideas to the national pharmacy programme. 

Mr Hsu has also used his formidable management skills to tighten processes and safety in the hospital by introducing “Train-the-Trainer” sessions for ward-based procedures, along with a new enhanced clinical incident management system to improve incident reporting standards. His personal policy of ‘equip, empower and support’ strongly endears him to his staff, and his dedicated contributions to the allied health profession have not only benefitted the hospital, but the nation at large.