Dr Goh Wei-Ping

Resident Physician, Department of Medicine


"I am humbled by the recognition. This award would not have been possible without the support and contributions from my mentors and colleagues. It is an affirmation of the NUHS' emphasis on efforts to groom their staff and develop them to be fine leaders of our future.


This award serves as an encouragement for me to continue to challenge the boundaries and ensure that our patients will always be our focus in all that we do." 


As the first-appointed Chief Resident and now the mentor to new Chief Residents, Dr Goh is an important link between the hospital, senior and junior staff. He can be considered the architect for the transformation of the Medical Officers and Residency Programme in the University Medicine Cluster.


Appointed first Chief Resident in the University Medicine Cluster in 2008, Dr Goh and his Associate Chief Residents were actively involved in a whole myriad of activities to reach out to junior doctors and engage them on the ground. Appointed Chair of Resident Welfare Subcommittee in the Graduate Medical Education Committee of the NUHS Residency Programme, Dr Goh led his committee in organizing activities and events aimed at promoting collegiality amongst junior staff and senior doctors and management alike.


Besides championing bonding and integration initiatives, Dr Goh is actively involved in system improvements within the hospital. He was part of the pioneer team who conceptualized the Night Float Call System which tackled the issue of overworked Medical Officers and also promulgated a proposal for the System Enhancement for automated Disease and Outbreak Surveillance. An advocate for work efficiency and cutting down on process waste, Dr Goh has also led many quality improvement initiatives which have largely benefited not only the working community but also our patients.