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NUHS Leadership Awards

The NUHS Tribute Night is held biannually to recognise those from our community who have demonstrated innovative and motivational leadership with an impact on our tripartite mission of clinical care, research and education. It is our privilege to honour outstanding individuals who have contributed significantly in patient care, research, quality improvement, and/or mentoring of young doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. These colleagues embody our vision of Shaping Medicine for the Future.


About the Awards

Emeritus Consultant

The Emeritus Consultant is a long-serving renowned senior clinician who has been a role model and mentor to many. He is offered a lifetime honorary position for his distinguished contribution towards institutional development.

Lee Foundation NHG - NUHS Lifetime Achievement Award

Recognizes outstanding clinician leaders from NHG and NUHS in clinical, education and research excellence.

Master Clinician Award

The Master Clinician Award recognises clinicians who have contributed significantly towards elevating the quality of healthcare delivery. They are skillful and compassionate practitioners who are recognised for leadership in their specialty.

Outstanding Mentor Award

The Outstanding Mentor Award recognises clinicians and academic staff who have displayed professional excellence in medical teaching and mentorship, and contributed significantly to clinical education and nurturing of clinicians and clinician scientists in NUHS.

Translational Research Innovator Award

The Translational Research Innovator Award recognises individuals who have undertaken a research study/project that has contributed significantly to bridging the gap between  knowledge  and  practice resulting in improved standards of care, healthcare outcomes, higher efficiency and/or more effective patient-centred services.

Special Recognition

The Special Recognition Award recognises staff and partners who have made significant contribution towards the NUHS and its Clinical, Research and/or Education missions.

Excellence Award

The Excellence Award recognises individuals who have contributed significantly towards NUHS’ clinical, research and education missions. Their contributions have major impact and robust outcomes, leading to improved standards of care, outstanding health research and/or exceptional medical education, paving the way for better healthcare outcomes and benefits.

Young Achiever Award

The Young Achiever Award recognises young NUHS staff who have demonstrated excellence in their professional fields, shown instances of promising leadership skills, and are exemplary role models for those around them.